Как продать билет на сайте eticket4.ru
Sell Ticket
Purchase ticket Sell ticket
Step 1


Choose an event on the website for which you want to sell the ticket or enter key words in the search field.

Press 'Sell' button next to your event or on the event page.

Step 2
Enter accurate information about your ticket

If you sell several tickets, they must be for the seats located next to each other. If you sell tickets to the places located separately, each ticket should have a separate ad.

Bargain available

Press "Bargain available" check mark if you are ready to check the prices for your tickets suggested by the buyers. You will be notified if the buyer offers his price for the tickets. Your tickets will be sold only after your agreement. You can remove “Bargain available” option in your account.


Set your ticket price in the "Total price" field. You will see approximate prices for the event from other sellers with the same category of the ticket.

Step 3

Fill ticket sending address, where courier will arrive for the tickets, when they are sold.

Delivery will be free for you.
Enter your bank card details to guarantee ticket sale. We don't keep your card details. It’s transferred directly to the payment services.

After you press the “Sell ticket” button, your tickets will be on sale on the website including our fee. You can edit ticket price in your account anytime.

You will be notified as soon as your tickets will be sold. You must confirm availability and sale of the ticket.
Step 4

If you have electronic tickets and you haven't uploaded them yet, you need to do it in your account.

Paper tickets

If you have paper tickets, our courier will contact you to take them from the address you specified. You can change your sending address in Your account.

Payment for your tickets will be made to your bank card awhile after the event. You can track due date and amount of the payment in Your account. You will be notified when payment will be made. You can also see details of the sold tickets.