Как купить билет на сайте eticket4.ru
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Step 1

If you're not authorized on the website, you need to
log in or sign up, if you visit this site for the first time.

Step 2

On the main page in the search box type the name of the event you are interested in.

Step 3

Search and purchase tickets

Choose suitable ticket by date.

Choose a suitable price and place, then click "Buy"

Some tickets are sold with bargain.

Availability of bargain will be shown in a different line next to the cost of ticket. If the bargain is possible, then indicate your price for the tickets in the field “Total cost”. If the seller agrees to sell the tickets at your price, your card will be debited for the amount you entered.

If it's not an E-ticket, enter shipping address.

The price and the time of delivery will be calculated according to your location and location of the seller. The delivery is performed by the delivery service.

Enter your bank card data to pay for the tickets. We don't keep your bank card data. It’s transferred directly to the payment service.
Step 4
Press 'Buy ticket' button below the total ticket price.

The total cost of tickets will include delivery cost if tickets are delivered not by in electronic form. The cost of tickets includes our services commission.

After successful purchase you will receive a message that the tickets are purchased. After the seller confirms purchase of the tickets, your card will be debited for the amount required to purchase the tickets and perform delivery.

Step 5
If it’s an e-ticket,

you can download it and print it from Your account on the website or from the link in your email.

If it's not an e-ticket,

you can track delivery status and due delivery date in your account. The courier will contact you to deliver the ticket to the address you entered on the website.