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Guarantees Authenticity of the tickets

About us

Eticket4 is the first Russian online platform for selling and buying tickets. We accurately check our sellers and buyers.

We provide safety guarantee for each ticket deal and organize ticket delivery before the event.


You can always find tickets to popular events, even if there are none left at the box office.

Guaranteesand safety

for customers

The seller receives payment for the tickets only after the buyer visits the event.

Therefore, we ensure authenticity of the tickets and make sure they correspond with the chosen event. Sellers specify their bank card data to provide additional security and to ensure accurate information in the tickets.

Deliver by us

The sellers don’t need to spend time to send the tickets

We organize sending tickets from the seller to the buyer. We check that the delivery is fast and carried out before the event. The delivery service is free for the seller!

for sellers

The seller receives payment guarantee for his tickets

We charge the funds from the buyer’s card after the tickets are sold and transfer them to the sellers account in due time.

The tickets won’t be sold without the buyer’s payment.