Билеты на Жизель, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на Gisele

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  age: 12+

The ballet "Giselle" a touching story of love between a poor peasant girl and a famous aristocrat. Realizing that their relationship is not possible, Count Albert tries on the image of an ordinary peasant boy. It's the only way he and his beloved can be together. Gisselle, fine nature and sensual girl, not knowing about deception, falls in love with the guy. When the mystery was revealed, the girl's heart could not stand such a blow. Gisselle died and turned into a jeep. The souls of the dead brides at night are circling in the cemetery and can dance to the death of a randomly wandering traveler to death. In complete despair, Albert came to the cemetery. It would not have been a sad fate for him, had it not been for his beloved Giselle. Buy or sell a ticket for the ballet "Giselle" on our website. For this you just need to register.

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