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Билеты на Wolves and sheep

начало  16 October 2019 19:00 конец  16 October 2019 19:00

This performance, very careful with respect to the classics, opens completely new facets in the work. Here and the play of light, and the "openness" of space, and light sadness, and the poetry of the bygone world of Russian manor - Chekhov's impressionism, and, of course, humor. Actually the plot of the play - the scam with bills - is served sharply, sometimes grotesquely. Modern associations are not emphasized by the director, they come by themselves.

ATTENTION! During the performance of the play, performing the creative tasks and remarks of the author set by the director, the artists smoke on stage. Please take into account this information when planning a visit to this performance.

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Билеты на Волки и овцы

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