Билеты на Венецианский купец, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на The Merchant of Venice

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Director Ekaterina Polovtseva believes that the production of “The Merchant of Venice” tells about the problem of choice and its results. Making sometimes this or that choice not deliberately, we go along a certain route, later we are convinced that we made the wrong choice and were guilty of causing pain to someone. The play tells that a person gets used to not noticing the grief of another, condemns and hates the other and justifies himself, about cases when cruelty becomes uncontrollable. About the creepy, logicless trial, the imperfection of the universe and the search for love.

Shakespeare’s plays are filled with typical heroes and events that exist in our time, but every play of genius is a unique universe full of high poetry. In the space of the play, composed by the artist Emil Kapelyush, everyday life and eternity are combined - a special environment that sends the viewer to the drowned brigantines.

This Moscow art performance is not a trivial historical reconstruction. Shakespeare's text is as relevant as it was 400 years ago. His creations live their own special lives and give directors freedom to interpret and emphasize in connection with the realities of our time.

Directors: Ekaterina Polovtseva, Sergey Sosnovsky

Actors: Artyom Bystrov, Alexey Varushchenko, Julia Kovaleva, Maria Karpova, Danil Steklov, Elizaveta Ermakova, Kuzma Kotrelev and others

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