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Your Pushkin. Collected Works in One Volume
01 July 2019 Mon Moscow

Your Pushkin. Collected Works in One Volume
  age: 0+

Name: Your Pushkin. Collected Works in One Volume Author: Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich

Publisher: NDE Canada Corp. Publishing House Toronto

ISBN: 0-9684749-3-4

The cover is handmade, made of genuine leather of special manufacture, brand Spaccato di Montone, Verde Anticato Nuvolato.

For embossing on the front side and on the spine, as well as for gilding the edges, 22 carat gold was used.

Case. Three-sided gold edge.

Paper - GardaPat 13.

Pages: 624

Illustrations: for the works of A. S. Pushkin, made by Russian artists of the XIX - XX centuries: I. K. Aivazovsky, A. M. Benoit, I. Ya. Bilibin, K. P. Bryullov, V. M. Vasnetsov, M. A. Vrubel, M. V. Dobuzhinsky, N. V. Il'in, A.. Kravchenko, N.V. Kuzmin, K.V. and B.N. Kukuliev, V.E. Makovsky, V.N. Milashevsky, M.V. Nesterov, I.E. Repin, V. A. Favorsky and others, as well as drawings and autographs of A.S. Pushkin.

Year of publication: 1999

Dimensions: format: 84 x 108 1/16

Printed: at Poligrafici Calderara Printing House (Bologna, Italy)