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Trubetskoy are the legitimate heirs of the great Belarusian group Lyapis Trubetskoy. Founded immediately after its collapse, in September 2014, and combining several ex- "lapis" led by vocalist Pavel Bulatnikov, the group declared their style "heavy dance music" and immediately released their debut album "Magister Bibendi" with songs in Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages.

Over the past five years, Trubetskoy has played almost 500 concerts and released a dozen singles, a dozen videos and one more, released this winter, the album “Stirs the beat.” The next step is a festive show in GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT, where new songs will be performed separated by commas with hits of “lapis” from different years, from “Evpatoria” and “You threw” to “Kitty” and “Hare”.

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