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Sleeping Beauty Dreams

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  age: 12+

Russian premiere
Already this fall! The revolutionary show "Sleeping Beauty Dreams"
In the main role - prima ballerina Diana Vishneva

An innovative show with a strong influence of modern electronic music appeals to one of the most iconic world stories - Sleeping Beauty. Of course, the European tale has been interpreted many times by the greatest masters since the 14th century, but they all kept silent about one thing: that the enchanted princess had dreamed of for 100 years of enchanted sleep. Sleeping Beauty Dreams adds a new dimension to the classic story. The most modern technologies of visual art make it possible to embody the constant metamorphosis of images from Sleeping Beauty dreams, perfectly repeating the dancers' movements on the stage thanks to the avatar costume and opening new horizons in the world of theatrical productions.

The project creators themselves talk about their offspring: Sleeping Beauty Dreams is a progressive fantasy. An old legend that inspired us to immerse deeply into our own inner world. This is the whole universe. Synthesis of digital art, modern dance and advanced technologies, with the help of which we can explore our dreams, fears, temptations and fateful decisions. "

The world-famous prima ballerina Diana Vishneva as Princess Aurora and Marcelo Gomez, performing the role of a prince, is the greatest duet ever to dance this story. Ballet dancers were united by this revolutionary production combining dance, music, art and the last word of technology. In addition to Vishneva and Gomez, “Dreams” became a reality thanks to designer Tobias Grammler, working with Bjork, costume designer Bart Hess, who collaborates with Lady Gaga, choreographer Edward Klug, lighting designer Lauren Fort, EDIS pioneers of NOISIA / Thijs de menus, de lyus de menus and deijus Music sounds in Hollywood blockbusters and who collaborate with such musicians as Skrillex and deadmau5.

Already this fall, Russian viewers will have the opportunity to learn the previously untold story of Sleeping Beauty.

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