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The only concert of Ska-P in Russia

The main ska-punk band of the planet - Ska-P - is back! September 29, the long-awaited and only Russian concert of the legendary Spaniards will take place in the Moscow club Adrenaline Stadium!

During the twenty-five years of the creative journey, Ska-P released nine bright full-length records, won fame not only for the most famous ska-punk formations of the world, but also irreconcilable fighters against any injustice. The exciting melody and energetic pressure of their music is permeated with the revolutionary spirit of rebellious Madrid, and the frankness of humanistic views is reflected in every text.

Last year, to the joy of hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, Ska-P returned with a new album, Game Over. Working on the material for this record took the group as much as five years, but it was worth the wait. The long-awaited release once again demonstrated that the group deservedly holds the status of both one of the most colorful rock bands in Europe and the main apologist for the world ska-punk movement.

At the big Moscow concert, Ska-P, the audience will see bright concert numbers from the Game Over album, as well as an impressive clip of the main songs in the entire history of the legendary band. And most importantly, on September 29, at Adrenaline Stadium, you will be able for two hours to plunge into the intoxicating atmosphere of real freedom and unity, which Ska-P concerts are so famous for!

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