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Sergey Polunin. Show Satori

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The real diamond of Russian ballet, charismatic and vibrant Sergei Polunin does not cease to please his fans. The grandiose show “Satori” by Sergey Polunin, finally, can be visited by Muscovites and guests of the city. The premiere will take place on October 15, 2019 at Crocus City Hall. A large-scale and long-awaited event, tickets for which it is better to purchase in advance.

The Sergey Polunin show is a great way to tell the audience the language of dance the true story of the creative path of a famous dancer. After all, the life of a shocking artist has always been shrouded in networks of gossip and intrigue. The artist became the youngest member of the grandiose Covent Garden troupe. The viewer was delighted with the skill of the then nineteen-year-old dancer. Critics claimed that once Polunin made a speech, it would be impossible to forget this young performer.

The premiere of Satori caused a flurry of emotions and admiration in London, where it took place last December. World-class stars worked on the production: Gabriel Marcel Del Vecchio (director) and Lorenz Denzhel (composer). The story of how devotion to a loved one’s business can change a person’s life and inner world will forever remain in the memory of the audience. Now this fantastic show will be able to see the Russians.

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