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The Scorpions

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The most beloved and popular rock band in Russia is returning to us with its Crazy World Tour!

“When we released the album Crazy World at the very end of the Cold War and went on tour, the world was really crazy - but there was hope in the air for a more peaceful future,” recalls Scorpions leader Klaus Meine, “Now the world is getting more crazy every day.”

If the world is becoming more and more crazy and unpredictable, the love of Russian fans for the Scorpions group has remained unchanged for decades. And no wonder, because the Scorpions have become one of the first Western rock bands, "pierced" the iron curtain in 1988 and 1989. Their main hit Wind Of Change, rising in 1991 to the top of the charts of 11 countries, and telling about the walk through perestroika Moscow, became the golden classic of rock. And concerts in our country for 30 years have always attracted tens of thousands of fans.

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