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The legend of the crossover genre, one of the most famous soprano singers of our time, will perform on October 29 in Crocus City Hall with the program of the new album “Hymn” and the best hits!

On November 9, 2018, Sarah Brightman unveiled her fifteenth album, Hymn, and announced a world tour that will begin in South America and will feature more than 125 concerts on five continents.

“I am happy to share my new work with everyone,” says Brightman, “Hymn” is a very eclectic album that includes many different styles and I am happy to perform new songs during my world tour. I wanted to record a record that would sound inspiring. The word "anthem" for me means joy, a sense of hope and light, something very familiar and dear, and I hope that I managed to convey this in music. "

Brightman began working on the album in 2016 with her longtime musical partner Frank Peterson, who produced her previous famous records such as Dive (1993), Fly (1995), Timeless (Time To Say Goodbye) (1997), Eden (1998) ), La Luna (2000), Harem (2003), and Winter Symphony (2008). The album was recorded for two years at studios in Hamburg, Miami, London, Vancouver, New York and Budapest. The title track, the song of the British prog-rock band “Barclay James Harvest” sets the sublime tone of the record. The new album also features songs by contemporary composers such as Eric Whitaker (“Fly To Paradise”), Japanese superstar Yoshiki (“Miracle”) and German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner (“Sky and Sand”). The album completes a new reading of one of the most famous songs in the singer’s repertoire - a duet with Andrea Bocelli “Time To Say Goodbye” with lyrics written by Brightman herself.

Over a 30-year career, Sarah Brightman's voice could be heard in theaters, large concert halls, and stadiums. The total circulation of its records is more than 30 million copies. The only artist who managed to simultaneously lead the dance and classical Billboard charts, Sarah Brightman is the owner of 180 gold and platinum awards in more than 40 countries. The soundtrack to the legendary musical "Phantom Of The Opera", in which Brightman was involved, has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. The song "Time To Say Goodbye", which she performed with Andrea Bocelli, became an international hit (sold 12 million copies of the single). In addition, Brightman became the only artist in history to perform the title track of two Olympic Games. The first was the 1992 Barcelona Olympics - her performance of the song "Amigos Para Siempre" together with Jose Carreras was seen on television by about a billion people. 16 years later, she spoke at the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games with Chinese singer Li Huang - the broadcast audience totaled 4 billion people.

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