Билеты на Рок-мюзикл TODD, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на Rock musical TODD

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On September 27, in the Crocus City Hall, the rock musical “TODD” will open the new theater season in the capital with a special expanded screening of the play in three acts.

The creative team of the project timed the upcoming birthday show of Mikhail Gorshenyev - one of the creators of the cult work for the Russian rock audience! “TODD” is a new interpretation of an old London legend, the work contains eternal Hamletian questions and Shakespearean passions flare up.

The plot of the musical was based on the 17th-century London city legend of the barber Sweeney Todd. “The story we are playing now ... half funny, half dramatic ... This is a story about human suffering,” said Mikhail Gorshenyov, author of the production idea and one of the creators of the play. “TODD” is a story of betrayal, love, passion, fidelity and destruction, a story about truth and lies, about revenge, about retribution and hope.

For many years, the mysterious and gloomy character Sweeney Todd, which historians still argue about, has inspired artists to create literary works, films, and performances. Famous Broadway theaters, film directors and opera houses, including the Royal Covent Garden Theater in London, the New York City Opera and many others, turn to the story of Todd again and again.

The rock musical “TODD” is a unique theatrical and musical production, which is a complex multi-level narrative: the dramatic action is interspersed with vocal and musical episodes, combinations of choreographic and stunt elements. The main component of the musical is vocal compositions, called according to B. Brecht's Three-Penny Opera, “zongami”. For the domestic production of TODD, a new libretto was written, based on it Mikhail Gorshenyov composed the musical score of the play. This soundtrack became the basis of the last double album of the King and the Jester band and the audio version of the rock musical TODD, where the inimitable Veniamin Smekhov plays the role of the narrator.

The performance is accompanied by live music by the musicians of the King and the Jester group, fans will be able to watch them throughout the evening: on stage, behind a large glass wall, which is a spectacular part of the musical’s scenery.

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