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The invasion of 2019

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  age: 12+

Participants: DDT Mumii Troll, B-2, Aquarium, Garik Sukachov, Alice, Spleen, Vyacheslav Butusov, picnic, Night Snipers Ciz & Co, Bravo, Vadim Samojlov, pilot Naiv, Gorshenev, Surganova orchestra Gleb Samojlov & The MATRIXX with a symphony orchestra, Dolphin, Lumen, Louna, 25/17, Kalinov bridge, The HATTERS, Sergey Bobunets, Alexander F. Sklyar and "Va-Bank", Animal Jazz, Neuromonas Theophan, Underwood, Anacondaz, Murakami, FPG, Lomonosov Plan, Northern Fleet, MORDOR, Brigadier contract, Epidemic, Bricks, Operation Plasticine, Gromyka, Nerves, Goodtime, Troll Bends Fir, [AMATORY], Jane Air, Angel Nebes, JACK ACTION, M ongol Shuudan, ##### (5 DIEZ), Mods, Dörg! Casual, Grand Kurazh, Port (812), LASCALA, Pneumoslon, STIGMATA, $ 7000, 7 PASS, IFK, Catharsis, Voice of Omeriki, Clockwork Times, Boating, Black Tuesday, PRAVADA, ORIGAMI, Arkona, Kazuskom, kitty, kitty and many, many others.

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