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A novel about the pre-war life of a Georgian village, seen through the eyes of a boy Zuriko, who will have to accompany his fellow villagers to the front, grow up without parents, experience all the hardships of the war years, go to study in Tbilisi, but eventually return to his native village, written with that particular nostalgia and a little sad humor, which at one time was so famous for Georgian cinema. The USSR has long been gone, but the great Georgian cinema is still relevant. Dumbadze’s “thawing” novel, written in 1960, is also relevant, according to which films and performances are still being staged.

Our everything ... Gosudarstvenniy Teatr Natsiy
Moscow Gosudarstvenniy Teatr Natsiy
3, Petrovsky Lane. Metro stations: Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya
18 December 2019, Wed 20:00
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