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Concert of Mikhail Bublik in the restaurant Shore House

On June 28, one of the most soulful Russian pop performers, Mikhail Bublik, will perform at the scene of the Shore House Yacht Club restaurant as part of the music festival # LETO LIFE2019.

Listening to the lyrical compositions of Michael Bublik, it is difficult to believe that they are considered a chanson. One of the main goals of his work, the singer sees precisely in the rehabilitation of the genre, to which many refer only the so-called "thieves" songs about the plight of prisoners. Mikhail Bublik with his compositions proves that it is not. Chanson is also beautiful lyrical songs about the lives of ordinary people. His view of the genre instantly found a response from the audience - the songs “Ash”, “You made it up yourself”, “What we have done”, “Save me”, “It smells like home” occupied the first lines of the hit parade, repeatedly bringing the performer to the Chanson music award of the year".

You will hear the lyric chanson performed by Mikhail Bublik on June 28 at a live concert at Shore House restaurant.
The concert starts at 19:00

About the festival # LETOLIFE2019
Every summer, starting from June 1 and ending on August 31, the summer music festival on the water is held in a beautiful place of the capital - in the restaurant-yacht club Shore House - LETO LIFE. What awaits in season 2019? Incredible drive and live performances of Russian pop stars of the first magnitude, including EMIN, Dima Bilan, Valeria Meladze, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Gradusy, Uma2rman, Lyube, A’STUDIO, Rondo and many others.

See you at the grand live concerts at Shore House!

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