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Metallica. Worldwired Tour 2019

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The legend of heavy music, one of the most successful and influential rock bands in the history of Metallica will perform in Moscow as part of their WorldWiredTour tour! Special guests of the WorldWiredTour tour concerts will be Ghost and Bokassa. Despite its nearly 40-year history, Metallica remains a band that continues to surprise its fans with every concert, whose army over the years has been replenished with new generations of heavy music lovers.

Spring and summer of 2019 will be like a hot furnace, because in May, real metalmania will begin and Lisbon will be the starting point of the European tour of the legendary metal of Metallica.

In fact, the tour of Metallica, as part of the World Wired Tour, began in 2016 in the city of San Francisco. This was followed by a grandiose musical journey of the group, stretching over several years and continents, during which they also planned to perform in Russia, and which will end with a concert in Germany in 2019.

The long-awaited tour in Moscow is eagerly awaited by fans of the famous musical group, of which there are hundreds of thousands in Russia. And the concert program in Moscow promises to be very rich, because the tour, along with the legend, also included such groups as Ghost and Bokassa, which will be held in front of the luminaries of the metal.

The concert, scheduled for July 21, will be held in Luzhniki. At the main concert venue in Moscow, they will sound like songs from the last album of the team, as well as well-known compositions loved by millions of fans, in which Metallica authorship is recognizable from the first notes.

It is curious that during the concert everyone can visit a special mobile museum - Metallica Memory Remains, which travels with musicians.

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