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Mademoiselle Nitouche

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“Mademoiselle Nitush” continues the tradition of Vakhtangov musical performances: “The Straw Hat”, “Dame and the Hussars”, “Old Russian Vaudevilles”, in which the Vakhtangov school with its special charm, where elegance and elegance get along with a witty joke, a charming vocal, and a joyous humor, a charming vocal, and an amusement of elegance and elegance coexist with a witty joke, a charming vocal, and a cheerful jazz, wicked vocal, joyous vocals, and wicked charm. , creates a special Vakhtangov style of play - light, ironic, infectious.

Mademoiselle Nitouche Gosudarstvennyy akademicheskiy teatr imeni Ye. Vakhtangova
Moscow Gosudarstvennyy akademicheskiy teatr imeni Ye. Vakhtangova
Str. Arbat, 26
28 October 2019, Mon 19:00
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