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Each gig concert is an event and a show made at the maximum of the opportunities that the organizers can provide. "Leningrad" is a team in which every participant (from backing vocalists to sound engineers) is a superprofessional in his field.

Prigorodnaya street, 24
21 November 2018, Wed 20:00
cost from:76
remained tickets:2
sold tickets:5
Leningrad SC Olympic
Moscow SC Olympic
Olimpiyskiy Avenue, 16/2
14 December 2018, Fri 19:00
cost from:61
remained tickets:261
sold tickets:78
Leningrad SC Olympic
Moscow SC Olympic
Olimpiyskiy Avenue, 16/2
15 December 2018, Sat 19:00
cost from:79
remained tickets:988
sold tickets:296
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Within the framework of its 20th anniversary, the cult group Leningrad arranges a tour of the cities of Russia! For its many years of activity, the group has repeatedly changed its composition, style, and increasingly strengthening not only on the Russian stage, but also abroad. Sergey Shnurov, the vocalist of the band, literally blows up everybody with his frenzied energy. Penalties in the performance of this group are becoming a hit, despite the abundance of obscene words. Others are only dreaming of such popularity. Do you have an extra ticket for the Leningrad group? Or are you looking for where to buy it? On our website you can sell or buy a ticket to Leningrad. To do this, register and follow the instructions.

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