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Lara Fabian

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Lara Fabian will perform in Moscow

A tremendous voice, charm and femininity - all this can be said with confidence about another singer, the representative of exquisite France - Lara Fabian. A world star, she still performs at the best music venues, performing songs in several languages, and is very popular in Russia. Concerts Fabian is always an indescribable show in its energy.

And very soon it will be possible to hear her magic voice, recognized as one of the best voices of the modern music scene. An army of admirers and loyal fans - more than 20 million CDs that have been successfully implemented around the world - Lara always meets this success with a charming smile. An elegant woman with a strong voice will sing in Moscow on October 7 and 8 on the stage at Crocus City Hall. The performance promises to be unforgettable.
After all, autumn and October dispose to romance and lyrical moods, melodies of French streets in the author's performance of Lara Fabian. After all, it is worth noting that Lara is not only a performer, but also the author of her songs, in which every word is lived and felt by Fabian.
It is worth taking care of getting into the singer’s show in advance, because Lara Fabian gives only a few concerts in Moscow, and tickets will simply not be available.

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