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The monsters of the domestic rock, the group 'Crematorium' has finished ... By the time when it is already possible to arrange anniversary concerts, to recollect 'as it was' and to nostalgize about the time of mad youth. The performance was named '20 years V. O. D. K. A. A.' - fans immediately understand what it is timed to.

'IN. O. D. K. A. A. 'stands for' The World Society of Friends of Cremation and Armstrong '. It's a fan club CT. It was created, of course, by Armen Grigoryan himself; he is also the head of the permanent committee of the organization, which includes also the crematorium musicians. Any person can become a member of the Society - it is enough to just enter his name in the Book of the Living and the Dead, then it will be numbered in the same row with the great Russian people - Grigoryan, Kinchev, Burlaka, Zhytinsky. The Manifesto of V. O. D. K. A. A. is a hymn to our mortal world and the recognition of its collapse at the same time.

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the creation of such a Society can be for any song. So fans have the hope that Armen Grigoryan and his comrades will perform the most important hits of the band 'Garbage Evening', 'Little Girl', 'Ugly Elsa', 'Sexy Cat', 'Tanya', 'Leprosor', 'Kathmandu' and songs from the album 'People-Invisible', which, after a long vicissitudes, was published on vinyl. So we are waiting for compositions Richard III, Tequila Boom, Light and Goodwin.

In addition to music, there will be many stories from the lives of musicians, memories, rewarding contest participants, which is launched in social networks. But the main event for the fans is the work of the most devoted ones into the knights of the Order of Crematorium. The observance of ancient rituals, the beauty of the ceremony and earnestness are guaranteed!

The CT started in 1983, the musicians started with modest flat-dwellers, but by the year 1988 they became so popular that the clip on their song was shown on the TV. It gave an official status, a huge number of concerts all over the country, and the opportunity to acquaint the stagnant Soviet citizens with other music ... This remained for now: with the inimitable vocal of Grigoryan, who will not be confused with anyone, with texts, deep and often hopeless , with tunes that are memorized for life.

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