Билеты на Корсар, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на Corsair

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  age: 12+

The ballet 'The Corsair' is based on Byron's poem, which tells the story of the life of pirates. For the first time the ballet was presented to the viewer's court more than 150 years ago. Over time, musical and dance performances were added to the production. However, the plot remained unchanged to this day. A romantic story about the love of a corsair to a slave who kidnaps her from the master. Soon, the master manages to deceive the girl to himself and profitablely resell it. But the hot heart of the pirate is not able to fight without a loved one and he again manages to steal her. In love only for a short time you manage to be happy. The ship on which they were, drowned, the couple was saved by a miracle.
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