Билеты на Константин Никольский, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на Konstantin Nikolsky

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Konstantin Nikolsky needs no introduction, because his biography covers several epochs of the Soviet and Russian scenes. He is the author of the "golden" hits of Russian rock, in which he generously shares poetic and musical revelations with listeners.

Voice generation
For a long career, Nikolsky participated in a dozen musical projects and became a successful solo artist. At the age of 15, he became a member of the band, performing the hits of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But creativity was not limited to only covers, Konstantin wrote his own music.

The artist performed with the ensemble “Flowers”, “The Stas Namin Group” and other groups, until he founded his own group “Resurrection”. Many songs from the first album are still beloved by music lovers and performed at concerts.

Since 1990, Nikolsky is a solo artist. Since 1992 he has released only three albums, but which ones! His songs are inalienable symbols of entire decades, on which subsequent generations relied.

The guitar player does not use the synthesized sound, for him live action, expression and hard drive are much more important.

Concerts of Konstantin Nikolsky in Moscow
Although the musician has not long pleased fans with new releases, the finished material will be enough for several musical programs. Performances of the patriarch of Russian rock music are sold out. In 2019, Konstantin Nikolsky’s concerts are hosted by the Academic Jazz Club. The first dates of the concert schedule are scheduled for June and the billboard ends in December. The best author's songs will sound.

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