Билеты на Князь Игорь, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на Knyaz' Igor'

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Prince Igor - the opera of the Russian composer A. P. Borodin, who worked on it for almost 18 years. The inspiration for the creation of the opera was the Old Russian legend 'The Lay of Igor's Host'. For the first time this work the viewer could see almost 120 years ago. The play shows a difficult period in the history of Ancient Rus, a period when ongoing wars in the struggle for power. In the opera 'Prince Igor' it is told about his unsuccessful campaign against the Polovtsians. From the very beginning of the journey there was an alarming sign, but the prince neglected him and was defeated. With the help of an excellent game of actors, costumes and scenery, very vividly reflecting that era, the viewer will easily plunge into the world in which our ancestors lived and fought.
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