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Билеты на Anniversary concert of Garik Sukachev GO

начало  22 November 2019 20:00 конец  22 November 2019 20:00

In the year of his 60th birthday, Garik Sukachev announces the grand tour “GO!”!

The musician, director, actor - Garik Sukachev on his anniversary not only accepts gifts, but also gives gifts. And such a gift for numerous fans of the legendary rock musician will be the concerts of the GO! Tour, which will be held across the country at major venues, and a grand show in the Northern capital on November 22 at the Yubileiny Sports Complex.

The concerts of the main Moscow rock'n'rollman Garik Sukachev can not be called “next”: each performance of perhaps the most famous bully of the country and his team is an exceptional show, and the musicians give all the best to the stage, not 100, but 200 percent, charging the room with a frantic energy.

Songs that more than one generation of Garik Sukachev's fans know by heart are hits of the times of the cult "Brigade S" and "The Untouchables." A show in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Real freedom and anarchy on stage. A rich emotional track list, in which there is a place for the lyrical “Drink me water” and for the rollicking “Road”. Light and sound that will become one. The musicians are true professionals in their field, each of whom will surprise the viewer with a skillful play and improvisation. And, of course, Garik Sukachev himself is an artist whom the whole country knows without exaggeration, a charming and daring musician who sincerely lives on stage his every song. All together is an event that must be seen with your own eyes.

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Билеты на Юбилейный концерт Гарика Сукачева GO

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