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"Nepara" together again! After a long break, the popular group has reunited and is eager to “fight” with new creative forces. And if you are one of those who sincerely worried about the “separation” of Alexander Shaw and Victoria Talyshinskaya, then buy tickets to the Nepara concert in Moscow. They will present to the public their new program with the “eponymous” name “Again Together” and once again will prove that they are a very couple ... But what kind! Talented, spectacular and able to light.

The group was created in 2002, and very soon blew up all the charts with its hit “Another Reason”. Around the show and Talyshinskaya immediately raised hype. As expected, they attributed a romantic relationship. And, in the meantime, they wrote more and more new songs, which invariably attracted listeners with music and vocals, as well as with their lyrics — such plot, exciting and memorable.

But in 2012, “Nepara” decided that they were not on the path and took up solo careers. It would seem that the group rested in the Bose ... But it was not there! How this time will excite, surprise and delight their fans favorite performers?

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