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For the fourth consecutive year, the 'Bol' festival, with its own name, explains the situation taking place on the domestic independent scene at the moment - this is the lack of possibility to be heard without a commercially secured start.

The festival supports young musicians, moving them from the musical periphery to a full-fledged stage. Trying to destroy stereotypes about the niche and unpopularity of music that does not sound on the radio, 'Pain' became a project whose ultimate goal was to give the voice to as many musicians as possible, both Russian and foreign, from which the festival copes successfully.

'Electrophoresis', 'Ssshhhiiittt!', Singer Grechka, Husky, Antoch MS - this is not a complete list of Russian-speaking performers presented on 'Pain' this year and collecting thousand rooms. Familiar to anyone interested in an independent scene in Russia, names will coexist with the Americans Soft Moon and a whole legion of bright teams from Britain: Slaves, Shame, Cabbage, HMLTD, Feet. So the festival will be a great holiday for everyone who believes and supports modern music - both Russian and foreign.

Line Up: Slaves (UK) | Tommy Cash (EE) | Husky | The Soft Moon (US) | Shame (UK) | Electrophoresis | Antokha MS | Dominowe (RSA) | Philipp Gorbachev | Motorama | Buckwheat | Soviet Soviet (IT) | Summer of Haze | HMLTD (UK) | Ssshhhiiittt! | | Moneychain | Citizen Boy (RSA) | Give the Tank (!) | IC3PEAK | Bricks | Cabbage (UK) | GSh | Waste paper | RSAC | Repetitor (SRB) | Thank you Super Collection Orchestra | Feet (UK) | Uvula | Summer in the City | Grand Blanc (FR) | The volley | Bromine | Mare and Trotter-eyed Frogs | Kælan mikla (IS) | Source | Fogh Depot | VSIGMΣ | Straight Mickey and the Boyz (SRB) | Disagreement | Nursing Home of Autists | Bad Zu | Mother | Intourist | Apple Tree | Mart Avi (EE) | Churchella | Wooden Whales | Supernova 1006 | Moshchee and others

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