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Билеты на Eugene Onegin

начало  19 September 2019 19:00 конец  19 September 2019 19:00

The twenties of the XIX century. Country estate Larin. Evening. Larina’s daughters — Tatiana and Olga — sing the romance “Did you hear the grove of the night voice, the singer of love, the singer of your sadness? ..” Larina and the old nanny remember the long past years, the days of her youth. The peasants congratulate Larin on the end of the harvest. At the request of the lady they sing songs, dance.

Nanny announces the arrival of the groom Olga - Lensky. His neighbor Onegin rode with him. “Tell me, which is Tatiana?”, Onegin asks a friend. “Yes, the one who is sad and silent, like Svetlana,” replies Lensky. Onegin's sympathies on Tatiana's side, he is surprised at the choice of a friend.

Thoughtful, dreamy Tatiana sees in Onegin the personification of her dream, her chosen one.
Looking after her beloved Tatiana, the nanny thinks: “Didn't the new gentleman like her?”

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Билеты на Евгений Онегин

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