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Evanescence is an American gothic rock band. The guys are famous all over the world, and every new album becomes a hit! The band makes it clear to their listener that, no matter how bad they were, they are not alone! With their zeal and talent, the guys achieved a stunning success with the public and a couple of Grammy awards. They meet the listener with frenzied energy, melodic compositions, virtuosic vocals. The strong voice of the soloist accompanied by the pianoforte, the drum rhythm and the heavy bass guitar sound enchant and take the listener out of the galaxy. This group is loved and known all over the world. Their concert is undoubtedly worth your attention. Do you have an extra ticket for Evanescence? Or are you looking for where to buy it? On our website you can sell or buy a ticket for Evanescence. To do this, register and follow the instructions.

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