Билеты на Eteri Beriashvili and Liana Meister

начало  10 April 2021 20:00 Cow Val, 3 stroenie 1

The MaisterBeri Sisters have resumed the Berry Sisters' Songs program! From minor to major, from sorrow to shrill fun: immediately sounding in your head, as soon as you remember the name, "Hava nagila" or "Tum-balalaika", touching "Aidishe-mama", the legendary A bisl zun and other ancients, but always modern songs in Yiddish on the eve of Peisakh will be especially relevantly performed on the stage of the Gradsky Hall. Eteri Beriashvili and Liana Meister are called synchronized singers with a brilliant and filigree level of skill. In April 2020, the Beriashvili-Meister duet will turn 22 years old.

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10 April 2021 [Sat] 20:00
Town Hall
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