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Voice of admiration: Eros Ramazzotti back in Moscow
Eros Ramazzotti - this name is familiar to almost every person, his popularity has long gone beyond the usual framework of show business, his voice is recognizable and magnificent. On October 11, 2019, Eros Ramazzotti will visit Moscow and give another unforgettable concert in Crocus City Hall.

This is a great opportunity to see the Italian star live and enjoy its inimitable vocals and performance. After all, this popular singer is deservedly called the golden voice of Italy. During his thirty-year creative career, Ramazzotti released eleven albums recorded in the studio, most of which earned the highest rating - received platinum or gold status.

His concert activities around the world gather huge crowds of loyal fans, his talent is undeniable, as evidenced not only by almost popular love, but also by numerous prestigious awards and music awards received by the singer over his long career. He sang on the same stage with such outstanding performers as Luciano Pavarotti, Joe Cocker and Tina Turner. Hurry to pre-order tickets for the Eros Ramazotti concert, because this is an opportunity to see and hear the real legend of the performing genre.

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