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Classics for the years of its existence, was subjected to different visions of the authors. The ballet Don Quixote was no exception. One of the dances was added to the productions and the others were removed, each new performer introduced his features to the main characters, but each time the artists showed their virtuosity in updated variations. Keeping the main thread of action, starting with the first productions of 1871, the order of scenic actions has changed many times. But still, from year to year, from the statement in the production, the plot of the same name ballet Don Quixote is the main reason for the bewitching, colorful dances of the artists who demonstrate their skills on the stage. Genius and apogee of skill is read throughout the entire ballet line, beginning from the corps de ballet and soloists of various artistic roles, and ending with the performers of the two main parts, which require the art of ballet of the highest standard! Do you have an extra ticket for the ballet Don Quixote? Or are you looking for where to buy it? On our site you can sell or buy a ticket to the ballet Don Quixote. To do this, register and follow the instructions.

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