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Children of bodom. Hexed world tour 2019

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Children of Bodom concert in Moscow to be!

Finland’s musical heritage Children of Bodom will arrive in Moscow in the fall and will give a concert at the Adrenaline Stadium as part of its Hexed world tour 201. Don’t miss the tooth-breaking concert of one of the brightest bands, representatives of the melodic death metal trend, on October 18 - after all, musicians will present fans of the genre their new album - Hexed, and with it an unprecedented charge of brutal energy awaits the audience. After all, since the 90s, when Children of Bodom only appeared on the music scene, and to the present, they do not give up their positions and only increase momentum.

It is noteworthy that in the name of the collective, the musicians perpetuated the tragic story of the deaths of adolescents who were found dead near the Finnish pond Bodom. And this name is logical, since in general in the works and texts of Children of Bodom there are traces of all kinds of horrible stories and horror stories. All fans of Child of Bodom should buy tickets in advance, since the fans have been waiting for the album for three years and the concert promises to be unforgettable and set a record for attendance. By the way, among fans of the group and critics there has long been debate about how to classify the Children of Bodom performance genre - perhaps a future concert and album will put an end to this debate.

Children of bodom. Hexed world tour 2019 A2 Green Concert
St. Petersburg A2 Green Concert
Medikov Ave. 3
18 October 2019, Fri 20:00
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