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Babymetal - билеты на 01 March 2020

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Babymetal in Russia - for the first time!

If you want to know who the Slash from Guns N'Roses and Kirk Hammett from Metallica are fans of, then you should get to the really kawaii group - Babymetal, whose concert in Moscow is scheduled for March 1, 2020. Before the appearance of lovely girls, and they began to perform at a very young age, the concept of kawai-mat was not so clearly defined on the metal stage. Babymetal combines seemingly impossible things for such a musical direction: the pretty beautiful faces of the performers, bright, sometimes even avant-garde costumes, gentle, sonorous voices and heavy guitar riffs.

But this is precisely what they loved by millions of fans around the world. The very successful transformation of young girls from a pop music project into popular and charismatic performers of metal music has been going on for many years. And from year to year their popularity is only growing, and a wild energetic alloy of metal and idol music, a frantic, explosive stage show is gaining more and more “iron” hearts, and Kirk Hammett from Metallica could not resist. To get to the March Babymetal concert, it’s worth buying tickets in advance, as Japanese metallers come to us for the first time.

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