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Билеты на Anatoly Polotno and Fedya Karmanov

начало  02 February 2018 19:00 конец  02 February 2018 19:00
Fans of chanson will enjoy the concert of Anatoly Polotno and Fedya Karmanov. After all, this is a great holiday for the soul. This duo is several dozen years old, in which Anatoly Polotno is a composer and vocalist, and Fedya Karmanov is a violinist. Despite its long enough creative path, the duet is considered very close-knit, one of the most popular in the genre of Russian chanson. Not only favorite hits will be performed on the stage, but also songs from the new album. Each song clings to the soul - somewhere sad, somewhere very close and native, and somewhere and provocative. But he will not leave indifferent, but this is the most important thing.
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Билеты на Анатолий Полотно и Федя Карманов

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