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Alice in chains

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The cult American band Alice in Chains has announced a tour in support of the new album Rainier Fog. This is the third record of the group without vocalist Lane Staley. More than 15 years have passed since the moment of his death, but fans do not cease to feel nostalgia for the old composition, despite the fact that the current singer William Duval does not have the experience and talent. In the 80s he played in the hardcore band Neon Christ, in the 90s he composed a song for pop singer Dionn Farriss, who later received a Grammy nomination. At the turn of the 2000s, he was a member of Comes With The Fall, and after his breakup joined Alice In Chains.

Alice in chains A2 Green Concert
St. Petersburg A2 Green Concert
Medikov Ave. 3
18 June 2019, Tue 20:00
cost from:40
remained tickets:269
sold tickets:81
Alice in chains Adrenaline Stadium
Moscow Adrenaline Stadium
Leningrad avenue, 80, building 17
20 June 2019, Thu 20:00
cost from:44
remained tickets:187
sold tickets:56
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