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Alex Clare. The Best

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British singer, artist and composer Alex Clare grew up on his father's jazz songs and soul classics. Such a musical upbringing was reflected in the genre preferences of the young man, it seemed that Alex wanted to learn how to play all the instruments at once, but in the end he emphasized the guitar.

In his songs you can hear an amazing mixture of genres and styles - these are dubstep, drum and bass, grunge, electronics, jazz, soul, alternative notes and a huge number of musical instruments: from guitar, synthesizer and drum to harmonica, electronic lotions and wind instruments.

“Too Close” is one of the first singles of the debut album “The Lateness of the Hour” and the most popular song in Alex's collection. It was “Too Close” that caused the enthusiasm of music lovers around the globe and made it demand that the musician continue!

His voice is called attractive, his performances are mesmerizing, and the musician himself is damn charismatic.

Alex Clare. The Best Club 1930
Moscow Club 1930
Partiynyy pereulok, 1, Building 6
30 October 2019, Wed 20:00
cost from:28
remained tickets:214
sold tickets:64
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