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Alexander Malinin

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Singer Alexander Malinin is a silver voice of Russia, the public has long been bowing to his talent and style. Back in 1987, his solo debut took place at a rock festival in Moscow, and since then not a single concert of Malinin has been left unattended by the public. Fans of Russian romances do not miss every opportunity to enjoy the charismatic performance of the singer, so it’s unlikely to buy a ticket to the concert of Alexander Malinin at the last moment, it’s better to take care of it in advance and book a ticket to the concert of Malinin.

What is the concert Malinin Alexander? First of all, this is a holiday full of beautiful music and soulful songs, Malinin’s performance is well-known to all romances, songs to poems of Russian poets known and close to millions of people. Not a single concert is complete without everyone’s favorite songs: “Night”, “Vain Words”, “Plea”, “Love and Separation”, “Lieutenant Galician”, “Zabava” - without a doubt these hits are popularly loved and are part of the Russian Golden Fund song culture. And if you still do not know how to please yourself or people close to you, then ordering tickets to the Malinin concert will be a good choice!

Alexander Malinin Theater N. Kadysheva Zolotoye Kol'tso
Moscow Theater N. Kadysheva Zolotoye Kol'tso
Timiryazevskaya street 17
14 December 2019, Sat 20:00
cost from:24
remained tickets:393
sold tickets:118
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