Билеты на Akira Yamaoka plays Silent Hill 2, 2019, расписание
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Билеты на Akira Yamaoka plays Silent Hill 2

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  age: 16+

Akira Yamaoka returns to Russia with a big tour and exclusive concerts where you can hear for the first time the whole (!) Soundtrack to the most iconic part of the game - Silent Hill 2, as well as all your favorite hits!

Akira Yamaoka has long won the title of the world-famous creator of soundtracks for movies and games.

However, despite the close connection with the atmosphere of the legendary game, the music of Akira Yamaoka delights in and of itself. The stylistic coverage of his work is enormous, from ambient and triphop to hard rock, and the set of emotions that his music carries cannot be indifferent. In this music, you can get lost - just like in a fog, in which the quiet town of Silent Hill drowned.

The intricacies of electronics and guitars, hypnotizing vocals and verified rhythm are called to follow to find out what lies in the darkness of the next turn. Speeches Akira Yamaoka - a great rarity. Although Russian listeners could already appreciate them, and one can say with confidence: these were incredibly bright, colorful and unexpected surprises: live, the legendary composer manages to create an absolutely delightful performance, which lies outside all boundaries and stylistic frameworks.

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