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начало 04 November 2019 19:00 конец 04 November 2019 19:00

Group # 2Masha will present the new album with a big solo concert on November 4.

# 2Masha is a unique project that burst into a musical Olympus, and managed to win the hearts of a huge number of listeners with songs of its own composition. Their composition "Barefoot" instantly spread across the expanses of social networks and became a real hit in Russia and beyond, having won the first lines of Internet charts and radio stations. The clip for the song of the same name entered the top most watched videos of the last year on YouTube and has already gained more than 115 million views!

They dictate their own rules and set their own musical direction, being the authors of all their songs. Perhaps for this reason, their music and lyrics are so organic that they instantly penetrate the hearts of the public.

It is noteworthy that the girls began their journey without producers and sponsors, without any budget. All they had was their songs, an Instagram page and a huge passion for their work. Having started uploading their videos to the Internet, they instantly gained a favor and literally a few months later began to sell full-time concerts, every day increasing fans of their music.

For three years # 2Masha released 2 studio albums and started recording the third, which will be presented at the upcoming concert on November 4 in Crocus City Hall! One of the songs from the third album - “Mom, I dance”, the potential of which is not inferior to “Barefoot”, provoked a flash mob with dancing to incendiary rhythms, and in just 3 months the clip gained more than 35 million views on YouTube!

Composition after composition # 2Masha more and more fall in love with the audience, proving that if you really want something, you can achieve everything with your work and aspiration.

# 2Masha is style, high-quality live sound and amazing musicians! Recital # 2 of Masha in Crocus City Hall promises to be one of the brightest concerts in the fall. Viewers are strongly advised not to miss this significant musical event!

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