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Theater tickets online: join art in comfort

Go to the theater - a great way to spend an evening with benefit, 'walk' evening dress and meet interesting people.
Where to buy tickets to the theater, if you learned about a loud premiere at the last minute or in a few weeks at the box office empty?

Buy theater tickets online
If you really want to get to the play, and there are no tickets at the box office or only very expensive ones, the Internet will help out. On sale at Eticket4 invitations to any performances and performances in theaters of Moscow and other cities of Russia.
Buy on Eticket4 is simple and profitable:
To find the play will help the poster or the search line - if you are looking for a certain idea;
Filter by date will show performances on the specified date or the next weekend;
In the interactive cash desk a scheme of the hall with sectors or sections opens, the number of available seats, available tickets and prices;
Here are sold ordinary people, with whom you can bargain (if the bidding is provided).

How much do theater tickets for Eticket4 cost?
We do not interfere in the pricing policy, the seller himself forms the price. 'Burning' tickets for top performances can cost more than in the ticket office. But in most cases the price does not exceed the nominal, and 'penetration' for some theatrical performances can be bought with a good discount.

Eticket4 - resource opportunities
Eticket4 - a wand-zashchalochka and for sellers: if you can not go to the theater for a performance and do not have time to hand over the tickets, post them on our website - buyers will always be there.
Eticket4 is not an online cashier, but an effective intermediary that guarantees the security of the transaction: as soon as the buyer clicks 'Buy', the amount is automatically withdrawn from his card and 'freezes' in the payment system. This principle also ensures that the buyer will necessarily receive the order in advance, since the seller will receive the money only after the performance.

Buy and sell theater tickets on Eticket4 safely
We carefully check sellers and buyers - only registered users participate in transactions;
Do not store payment details - they immediately go to the database of payment systems;
We guarantee the authenticity of documents;
We deliver the order in advance, and electronic tickets can be downloaded in your personal account or e-mail.

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reliable   service

We monitor compliance and validity of tickets. We undertake payments and money transfer to the seller. We accept the losses, if there is any problem with obtaining payment.

fast   delivery

We deliver the tickets ourselves and make sure it’s made in time. The delivery is free for the sellers.

guarantee   security

The tickets are sold only after they buyer pays for them. The payment is transferred to the seller only after the buyer visits the event.