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Ballet tickets online: buy at a discount

'Here is the ticket to the ballet. There is no ticket for the tram ... '- is sung in a famous song.
What should I do if there is no ticket for the ballet, but I really want to go to a premiered premiere?

Buy tickets for ballet online
Buy tickets for the ballet of fashion choreographers is not easy and in advance - they are dispersed in a few days. And immediately before the performance - it is almost impossible.
If you really want to go to the theater, check the Internet. At Eticket4 there will certainly be a ticket for ballet in Moscow and other cities.
We sell and buy online ordinary people. Some want to get to the event, others for some reason can not go and therefore sell tickets - the Eticket4 service helps them find each other.
We act as an intermediary, as well as secure the transaction and deliver tickets to the buyer.
We carefully check the sellers and buyers, the authenticity of the pass-through documents, we bring the order in advance, and we do not store your personal data yet.

How does the system work?
The seller places tickets on the site.
The buyer looks through a poster or, using a search string or a filter, searches for a specific event.
In the opened interactive box office chooses places on the hall scheme, it is guided by the prices and presses to 'buy'.
The amount is instantly withdrawn from the buyer's account and 'frozen' in the electronic payment system.
You can download electronic tickets to the ballet, or the courier will deliver the paper tickets to the specified address strictly before the show starts.
On the seller's account, the money will be received only after the performance.

How much does a ticket for the ballet cost for Eticket4?
The price is set by the seller - we do not influence pricing in any way. The cost can be equal to the rates at the checkout, maybe more or less. Some sellers are ready to bargain, because tickets for top performances can be bought at a good discount. Often there are several proposals for one activity.

To go to the ballet, it is not necessary to stand in line at the cash register or look for tickets on acquaintances. The World Wide Web will help you - go to Eticket4, choose an event and a suitable price, book tickets for ballet delivery.

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reliable   service

We monitor compliance and validity of tickets. We undertake payments and money transfer to the seller. We accept the losses, if there is any problem with obtaining payment.

fast   delivery

We deliver the tickets ourselves and make sure it’s made in time. The delivery is free for the sellers.

guarantee   security

The tickets are sold only after they buyer pays for them. The payment is transferred to the seller only after the buyer visits the event.