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Buy football tickets online: quickly and comfortably

A football match for the fans of the game is already an event. Especially if the famous teams play and the final score plays a decisive role.
Tickets for 'loud' matches are swept away from the cashier's office in a matter of days, regardless of whether Russia's best clubs play or it's a game between teams from different countries. Even if the price is impressive.

Where can I buy tickets for football, when they are no longer in the ticket offices?
Site Eticket4 offers a simple solution to the problem: we can buy and sell tickets for football with hands.
Bought tickets, but can not go to the match? Do you want to go, but later remember? We work for you!
On Eticket4 there are tickets for football in major cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg - and matches of regional importance.
To buy from us is simple:
Find a sporting event through a search or a calendar of games. You can also filter out all the presented matches by a specific date;
An interactive cashier will open, where you can see the stadium plan, select a sector, a number and places. Choose where you will sit, and book passes;
Download the electronic version of the 'pass' or wait for the courier who delivers paper tickets.

Buy and sell tickets for football on Eticket4 conveniently and safely
To buy tickets for the game, you often have to stand a long queue. In addition to everything, you are in ignorance: it is not a fact that there will be the right places when your turn comes up.
Buying on Eticket4, you immediately see which places are free.
You are going to football, sitting in a comfortable armchair at home or at work. Save time and do not leave the comfort zone. You pay right there on the site - transfer money from the card.
We can buy tickets for football, when they are nowhere to be found. On very good places also with a discount.
We guarantee the security of the transaction to buyers and sellers. Once you click 'Buy', the amount is automatically withdrawn from the account and frozen in the payment system. The seller will receive them only after the event.
We do not control the cost of tickets, the seller himself decides how much they cost. In most cases, the price does not differ from the nominal price.

The World Wide Web helps you get what you want - go to Eticket4 and buy football tickets online.

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We monitor compliance and validity of tickets. We undertake payments and money transfer to the seller. We accept the losses, if there is any problem with obtaining payment.

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We deliver the tickets ourselves and make sure it’s made in time. The delivery is free for the sellers.

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The tickets are sold only after they buyer pays for them. The payment is transferred to the seller only after the buyer visits the event.