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Tickets for chanson online: buy in comfort

Chanson is very popular in Russia among people of different ages and social status. This music is distinguished by a special theme, specific lyrics. Despite the niche, chanson concerts gather full rooms, and it is often very difficult to get tickets.

How can I go to a chanson if there are no tickets at the ticket offices?
This category is completely devoted to the fans of chanson, which has long gone beyond the 'urban song'. At Eticket4 you can buy tickets for concerts by Mikhail Shufutinsky, Alexander Rosenbaum, 'Vorovayki' or 'Lesopoval' bands. They are sold by ordinary people 'with hands'.
Daily updating the poster, we add new events. Therefore, you will always find an event that takes place one of these days or you can buy tickets in advance.
Tickets for chansons are bought up quickly. If you did not have time to purchase them at the checkout, look at the Eticket4:
Select music direction from the menu or go to the playbill. Also the necessary event can be found through the search.
In the opened interactive cash desk there will be a scheme of the hall. Choose convenient places and book tickets.
Pay with your credit card.

Buy tickets for a chanson concert: quickly and at a discount
Afraid to buy on the Internet? Eticket4 can be trusted!
We carefully check buyers and sellers: only registered users can enter into transactions on our site.
We take care of the safety of both parties: the money from the buyer's account goes away as soon as he clicks 'Buy.' But the buyer will receive them only when you visit the concert.
We send to the mail an electronic version of tickets for a chanson concert, and we deliver the paper tickets to the specified address. Strictly before the concert begins!
We guarantee the authenticity of tickets.

The price for 'omissions' is determined by the sellers. Basically, they do not differ from the nominal, but are often sold at a good discount. Trading is appropriate.

reliable   service

We monitor compliance and validity of tickets. We undertake payments and money transfer to the seller. We accept the losses, if there is any problem with obtaining payment.

fast   delivery

We deliver the tickets ourselves and make sure it’s made in time. The delivery is free for the sellers.

guarantee   security

The tickets are sold only after they buyer pays for them. The payment is transferred to the seller only after the buyer visits the event.