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Buy a ticket to the rock concert of the legendary band with two clicks of the mouse

Do you despise pop music and recognize only old-good rock? Excellent! Here you will find tickets for concerts of the best Russian rock artists and world-class legends.
What tickets do we have for concerts of rock bands?

We do not divide musicians into the country of birth or language. Rock - he and in Africa rock: classical, folk, heavy, gothic, punk, alternative, psychedelic. Fateful music is distinguished by a clear rhythm, accent on electric guitar and percussion, philosophical lyrics. And crazy energy and atmospheric!
We give the whole category to the fans of Garbage, Linkin Park, Vyacheslav Butusov and Agatha Christie. Do not miss the opportunity to listen live BI-2, 'Leningrad', Pink Floyd and Nazareth. Here are also sold 'passes' for special fatal performances of symphony orchestras. Believe me, the legendary hits Metallica and Nirvana sound quite different in the performance of strings and wind instruments.
Daily in the poster Eticket4 there are fresh rock events. The concert can take place in the coming days or at the end of 2017. Pay attention: you can buy a ticket for a rock concert with a decent discount!
Why are tickets for rock group concerts on Eticket4?

1. Sell a ticket to a rock concert can be urgent - even a couple of days before the event. Force majeure prevents you from listening to the scandalous Sergei Shnurov or the mysterious BG? It's a shame, but it's worth the money back. And go to your favorite musicians another time!
2. Buy a ticket to a rock concert on Eticket4 can be cheaper than face value or when there is no tickets anywhere else. Follow the schedule of rock bands and look for 'hot' offers on the page!
3. We guarantee the security of the transaction! The seller will be paid the payment after the buyer LUCKLY visits the event. And we promise to the latter: You 100% will receive the 'entrance documents' in your hands before the beginning of the event.
Are you ready to come off to the full? Then take care of your ears! The volume of music at rock concerts exceeds 120 dB. But scientists have proved that rock fans have a high IQ.

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We deliver the tickets ourselves and make sure it’s made in time. The delivery is free for the sellers.

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The tickets are sold only after they buyer pays for them. The payment is transferred to the seller only after the buyer visits the event.