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Tickets for the best pop concerts in Russia. Choose!

Popular music is loved by everyone. Just admits not everyone. Under pop music, they dance and clean the apartment, they listen to it in traffic jams, coffee shops, fitness halls and offices.
Pop culture gave the world the Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John and ABBA. Goosebumps from 'Shape Of My Heart' performed by Sting? Imagine what's happening at the concert! Verified: the power of thousands of people multiplies the effect of live music and vocals.
Tickets for which pop concerts are sold on Eticket4?

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, concerts of popular music are often held. Of course, Russian singers are more: from Nyusha, MakSim and Sergei Lazarev to Oleg Gazmanov, Nikolai Baskov and the group 'Hands up'. But Russia is pleased with the tours and high-quality foreign performers: Brainstorm, Pet Shop Boys, Dire Straits and violin virtuoso from Germany David Garrett.
In the category 'Pop' you can buy or sell tickets for solo programs of Russian and foreign performers. Here we include prefabricated thematic concerts, creative nights of stars and muses competitions ('Radio Mania', 'Musicbox', 'Golden Gramophone').
How can I find out information about a particular artist?

Enter the group name or singer name in the search bar. The page will open all offers for the upcoming events (with information on the date of the concert, venue, number of tickets and cost). Choose the best offer - and reserve empty seats on the balcony, mezzanine, stalls or on the dance floor.
You can buy any free number of tickets. In the seating sections, the selected seats will always be near!
Why are tickets for pop concerts worth looking for on Eticket4?

Want to buy or sell a ticket for a concert of your favorite pop group? Service Eticket4 is great for both, and for the other!
Option number 1. You bought tickets in advance, but for some reason you do not get to the event. Put them on sale on Eticket4 in the category 'Pop'. An unfamiliar lucky guy will enjoy the concert, and you are guaranteed to return the money spent. You can sell tickets even a couple of days before the event!
Option number 2. It happens the other way round: you saw the tour of the legendary pop band in the poster late. Tickets at the checkout are sold out, and the price of second-hand dealers exceeds the monthly budget of the family. But not everything is lost! Perhaps, right now someone put up a ticket on the site with a discount of 30%.

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