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Jazz concerts: for those who know a lot about improvisation

Jazz and blues are a specific form of musical communication, where 'conversation' is played by instruments: then building a dialogue, then arguing, then finishing the phrases one after another. A sophisticated, complex rhythm and improvisation are the distinguishing features of these styles.
If jazz is your music, you will fall in love with it from the first bars.

A real jazz - for connoisseurs
This category is entirely for fans of improvisation. The Cinematic Orchestra, Alexey Kozlov, Danil Kramer, Igor Butman, Candy Dalfer - we place tickets for concerts of Russian and foreign jazz bands and jazzmen. They are sold by ordinary people who can not go to a concert.
We update the bill every day, replenishing it with new events in jazz music, which will take place the other day or throughout 2017.

How to get to the concert of jazz music and blues?
Despite the niche music, jazz and blues concerts are popular and tickets for them are bought up quickly. If at the ticket office of the city you can not help, buy a ticket for jazz from us:
In the menu select the music genre 'Jazz, Blues';
A playbill of concerts will be opened in Moscow and throughout Russia;
Choose an event and buy tickets online.

Buy and sell tickets to Eticket4: urgently, safely, with discount
Buying online is always convenient: you do not need to stand in line, wait for the cashier to find suitable places nearby - sitting in the chair you choose tickets according to the concert hall scheme and pay them by bank transfer. It takes a couple of minutes.
We guarantee that the buyer will receive genuine tickets, and the seller - money. Once you click 'Buy', the money automatically leaves your account. But the seller will receive them only after the event.
Tickets for Eticket4 can be bought when they are not available anywhere else, and much cheaper than face value.
Sellers set prices themselves. Therefore, for top-end or 'burning' events, the ticket can cost more.

Blues and jazz suggest a close emotional contact with the audience. Buy tickets for Eticket4 and enjoy jazz music live.

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