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Tickets for the festival: buy in two clicks

The festival, no matter what format or direction it was, always leaves indelible, pleasant memories. This large-scale event often gathers a huge number of spectators and artists. From who will perform at the festival depends not only the location of the event and the conditions of the event, but also the final price of the ticket.

Openair festivals are very popular. These musical events in the open air can be collected from several dozen people, up to two hundred thousand audience with performances of the stars of the world stage. In this format, usually hold jazz and rock festivals, as well as musical events in the direction of author's songs, electronic music and hip-hop.

Such entertaining performances can go on for several days with a constant change of artists. In this case, a special stage is mounted, and the venue is equipped with everything necessary for a long stay of a large number of people. The sale of tickets for festivals of this level begins in advance and is accompanied by great advertising support, causing a wide spectator interest.

Entering this category, you can get acquainted not only with what musical festivals are going on at the moment, but also see the proposed announcements of festivals. In addition, in the section you can find information about grand theatrical performances in the open air and other significant events held in the festival format.

It is important to note that on the page of our site Eticket4 the schedule of open air festivals is constantly updated, supplemented by new proposals.

If the sale of tickets for the festival is completed, and those wishing to attend the event a large number, then a reliable option is to purchase checked tickets through our convenient service. On our site you can buy tickets for the festival in paper or electronic version with courier delivery. All tickets purchased on Eticket4 are covered by the warranty.

How much are tickets?

We do not regulate pricing - sellers set prices themselves. In most cases, people sell tickets at the price of cash desks, because they simply do not want to lose money. In some cases, if the seller indicated this, you can bargain and visit the performance even cheaper.

The price indicated on the site includes the cost of delivery and our commission - no unpleasant surprises and hidden charges.

Buy tickets for a concert on Eticket4 safely

We are not only an intermediary helping the seller and buyer to find each other, but also a guarantee of transaction security:

  • the moderators of the resource carefully check buyers and sellers;
  • we guarantee the authenticity of documents;
  • phased payment protects your funds. Once you click 'Buy', the money is withdrawn from your account.

Share your impressions, buy and sell tickets to concerts is comfortable and safe.

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We monitor compliance and validity of tickets. We undertake payments and money transfer to the seller. We accept the losses, if there is any problem with obtaining payment.

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We deliver the tickets ourselves and make sure it’s made in time. The delivery is free for the sellers.

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The tickets are sold only after they buyer pays for them. The payment is transferred to the seller only after the buyer visits the event.