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Creative path of Cyril Nezboretsky

The guy began to write lyrics and record amateur clips ten years ago. These were compositions about the life of youth, problems, friendship, relationships. Popularity came to Nezboretsky in 2017 when he released an album called "0372". Bright clips and courageous messages in the songs elevate the 20-year-old guy to the level of top performers.

Duet with Scriptonite - powerful support for a young singer

At the beginning of his career, Kirill did not give solo concerts, but he was invited to perform at the opening act of famous rappers and hopers. So, at the Shokka concert, during the performance of the T-fest, Scryptonite decided to support the young performer. Stepping on the stage, he began to sing along to Cyril, which caused a flurry of positive emotions from the audience. The senior comrade expressed his approval of the work of Nezboretsky. As it turned out later, Scryptonite was already a little familiar with the T-fest songs and was sure that they would become hits soon.

New stage of development in the gas holder

The meeting with Scriptonite played a significant role in the career of the young singer. Soon T-fest became one of the members of the Basta label. It was Scryptonite who drew the attention of the founder of the label to Cyril Nezboretsky, acting as a protege. Under the patronage of Basta, the rapper felt even more confident and did not stop working on his development. The young guy appreciated the support of Skryptonite and is immensely grateful for being in such a well-known team, where young performers are given complete freedom for creativity and development.

"Fly away." The road to the top of all music channels

The album "Youth" impressed the audience with a depth of thought and vivid arrangements. The performer wanted to prove to everyone that he was ready to devote his turnip all his life. This succeeded, the public accepted his promise. However, it was not Youth that blew up the musical Olympus, but a clip for the composition Fly Away. It was with her that he was able to break out into the first lines of the charts of music channels, and also received an invitation to speak on the program “Evening Urgant”.

After such a rapid take-off, there is no doubt that Cyril Nezboretsky will become a real star of Russian rap and will continue to develop this direction. Perhaps in five to ten years, the T-fest will also help break through to the young performer, as Scryptonite and Basta helped him in due time.

Today, Nezboretsky is already in full swing performing solo concerts. This fall, the T-fest concert will be held in Moscow. You can hear the repertoire of the young rapper on November 22, 2019 at the Adrenaline Stadium.


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